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Faculty and Staff

Faculty/Staff offices and phone numbers



Office Phone


Albert, Jim

Arthur, Loyce142 TB353-2409Costume Design, Masks & Puppetry 
Borreca, Art126 TB353-2401Playwriting, Co-Head
Bradley, Scott140 TB
Theatre History
Bruckner, Mark 202 TB353-2423Sound Design
Clay, Caroline134 TB353-2402Acting
Clubb, Dare130 TB353-2403Playwriting, Co-Head of Dramaturgy
Duncan, Rachel2326 HA356-4658AV/Electrics Coordinator
Durham, Robert184 TB353-2412Scene Shop Supervisor 
Easley, Mary Beth105 TB353-2406Chair, Dept. of Theatre Arts & Directing, Head
Fine, Daniel138 TB353-2407Media Design & Directing 
Gogerty, Megan104 TB384-3286Acting & Playwriting 
Hansen, Eric184 TB
Master Carpenter
Hartsgrove Mooers, Kristy102 TB335-2799Acting 
Hungerford, Fannie

Kalina, Paul132 TB353-2404Acting, Head
Kasimow, Johanna 033 TB353-2603Acting & Movement
Mayo, Mary 031 TB 353-2405Voice Direction
McClellen, Katie107 TB335-0078Scheduling & Facilities Manager
Nathanson, Joshua2326 HA353-4718Electrics and Special Effects Supervisor
Newhouse, Joan184 TB353-5023Scenic Charge Artist
Schlesinger, Lisa128 TB335-1751Playwriting, Co-Head
Smith, Jessica112 OMA467-4437Costume Fabricator
Smothers, Gina

Props Artisan 
Stone, Eric146 TB353-2410Design, Head
Stoner, Jon184B TB353-2413Technical Director 
Turner, Melissa035 TB353-1814Stage Management, Head
Walsh, Kelly107 TB335-2700Admin Services Coordinator
Winn, Bryon148 TB353-2411Design, Director of Theatre

Graduate Students



Ascher, RobDramaturgy336 TB
Clement, OliviaPlaywriting336 TB
Cobb, ChloeDesign1n/a
Coleman, AbigailDesign31B TB
Collins, KennethDirecting336 TB
Edgren, DerickPlaywriting230 TB
Foster, OliviaActing228 TB
Garber, AaronActing228 TB
Garraty, AbigailDesign11B TB
Gazdowicz, SarahDirecting332 TB
Gucik, KathrynActing228 TB
Guerrero, KathleenActing230 TB
Howell, MonteActing234 TB
Igbokwe, SixtusPlaywriting132 TB
Jackson, TaylorStage Management3101 TB
Jones, JordanStage Management2101 TB
K N, MeenakshiStage Management1101 TB
Kang, XiaoyanPlaywriting134 TB
Keating, AmandaPlaywriting330 TB
Kreitman, AnnDirecting328 TB
Lopez, OrlandoActing232 TB
Lysik, ChirstopherPlaywriting234 TB
Madrigal, SonyaActing230 TB
Maldonado, VictorDesign2n/a
Meadows-Sanderlin, DajzaneActing232 TB
Moore, SavanhaStage Management1101 TB
Muensterman, ValeriePlaywriting332 TB
Novak, KaelenDesign31B TB
Oakley, JeffreyDesign1n/a
Patterson, HallieStage Management3101 TB
Ramirez, AlastairDesign31B TB
Skornia, MargoDramaturgy334 TB
Taylor, MichaelActing236 TB
Weaver, RebeccaDramaturgy128 TB
Zito, NatalieDirecting334 TB
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