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  • Muscial Audition Sign Up Sheet Fall 2018
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To Sign up for an Audition Time: 

1. Clicking "Log In" on the top right corner to log into the system
2. Clicking on the "Edit" button in upper right hand corner
3. Type in your name on the table (like a Word Document) by the TIME you wish to audition
4. Click "Update" at the lower right hand corner

Don't forget to update your Performer Bank profile to show that you are participating in the August auditions. 

Arrive 30 minutes Prior to your Audition

You must register at the audition table in the lobby of the Theatre Building at least 30 minutes prior to your audition slot or you will forfeit your slot.  Click here for more information about the auditions and the productions.


Iphigenia Point Blank  SIGN UPS 

See Below 


Iphigenia Point Blank  SIGN UPS 


MUSICAL AUDITIONS - Iphigenia Point Blank

MUSICAL AUDITIONS: A 6-minute time period is allotted for each musical audition.   Prepare 16-32 bars of a piece that you think showcases your voice well. It will be sung a capella, but starting pitches and other help can be given. It does not need to be memorized. If using sheet music, please provide a copy. A tonal memory test will test your ability to hear, process, and repeat back pitches that you hear played at the piano. You will read short sight-reading examples in major and minor. 

FRIDAY, August 24th

7:00Michael Francis9:00DIRECTOR BREAK
7:06Ashlynn Dale9:06DIRECTOR BREAK
7:12Rachel sather9:12John McAtee
7:18Crystal Stewart9:18Sammi Shane
7:24Branden Shaw9:24Amy Miller
7:30Cara Poirot9:30Afton Aiken
7:36Leela Bassuk9:36Claire Wool
7:42Austin Wicke9:42Andrea Warhurst
7:48Mallory Zwiefel9:48McKenna Kephart
7:54Ferin Bergen9:54Nicholas Currant
8:12Albert Williams10:12Courtney Graham
8:18Joey Swidler10:18Emma Gostonczik
8:24Alexis Healey10:24Aiden Page
8:30Micah Culpepper10:30
8:42Skyler Forbes10:42Marda Rude
8:48Amy Rodriguez10:48

Laura Brightman

8:54Zoe Purcell10:54Isabella O’Brien

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact the Department of Theatre Arts in advance at 319.335.2700.

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