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Hello and Welcome to the NPF Audition Page!

Casting: Casting will be posted by 11:59 PM on Monday, March 6th.

General Information:

There will be 14 actor slots per half-hour session in the general auditions. Each show will provide sides of 1-2 pages for the general audition. Please strive for a mixture or male and female roles in the sides and label which roles are gender specific if unclear. Monologues are discouraged. Please send your sides to Katy McGlaughlin ( by Wednesday, March 1st. The Reading Series is comprised of 5 Readings that will be performed by The Reading Company during this year’s Festival Week. Actors may be cast in no more than two readings and if cast in a Production, they cannot be in a reading as well. .


Welcome to Thebes 

Pirates of Penzance

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