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The Theatre Marketing GA for Fall 2015 is Nathan Brauner.  He is the primary Marketing contact person for all Galleries, Workshops, and Special Projects, and can be contacted at

¨      Press Releases for all Non-Mainstage productions are used to update the UI’s online calendar and for updating the Department of Theatre Art’s website. Releases are due approximately two weeks before the productions open. Team Leaders should submit information about their play to the Theatre Marketing RA 3-4 days prior to that date. 

Information submitted should include:


  • Show Title
  • Playwright
  • Director
  • Design team
  • Description of play
  • Dates and Times
  • Location
  • Ticket Price
  • A jpg or pdf of the show poster or logo
  • A sentence or two quoted from the playwright and/or director giving insight or information about the play that might encourage audiences to come see it
  • Any necessary disclaimers (language, violence, nudity, smoking, haze, gunshots, strobe effects, etc)



¨      Posters: Gallery and Workshop Team Leaders are responsible for the creation, printing, and funding of all posters for their productions.  The Theatre Marketing RA and/or Marketing Manager can provide recommendations, suggestions, and best practices, if desired.  All posters will need to be approved by the Theatre Marketing RA before distribution. Photos and/or artwork appearing on your poster must be original. The use of photos and/or artwork found online is not permitted.


¨      Posters for Galleries may be hung on the appropriate bulletin boards in the Theatre Building and anywhere else on- or off-campus where allowed. It is recommended that posters not exceed 11” x 17”.

All ads and posters must include:

  • Show Title
  • Dates and Times
  • Location
  • Ticket Information
  • The words: “A UI Theatre Gallery Production” or “A UI Theatre Workshop Production” depending upon show classification
  • The following statement: Individuals with disabilities are encourage to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact the Department of Theatre Arts in advance at 319.335.2700.
  • A Division of Performing Arts logo – which can be found at:

¨      Photographs: Team leaders are encouraged to submit show photographs to the Theatre Marketing RA for use on the Department website, SmugMug archival site, Facebook and Twitter pages, the digital lobby display, and any additional promotions. Photos can be submitted throughout the rehearsal process, as well as after the show opens. Please see the Marketing RA for more information.


¨      Videos: Team leaders are encouraged to create their own video trailers to promote their show. These videos must contain the same elements as the posters (see Posters) and must be approved by the Marketing RA before they are posted/shared/distributed. Please submit your video for approval at least one full week before the opening of your show.



¨      Social Media: The Theatre Department operates a Facebook page ( The Marketing RA will create a Facebook event for your show and you are encouraged to share and invite people to this event. Please do not create an event using your personal profile. If you would like to include a photo for your event on Facebook, please provide one to the Marketing RA (without text) at 784x295 pixels.

¨      Unless otherwise approved by the Director of Theatre, the Production Stage Manager, and Marketing Manager, Gallery and Workshop performances are Friday & Saturday at 8:00 pm. Occasionally Thursday performances at 8:00 pm and/or Sunday at 2:00 pm may be added. Ticket prices for Galleries are $5.00 and Free for UI Students with a valid ID. Tickets may be obtained at the door beginning one hour before the performance. Workshops are Free.


¨      Samples and Marketing Templates can be found at the following link:    


¨      Programs: Gallery and Workshop Team Leaders are responsible for the creation, printing, and funding of all programs for their productions.  The Theatre Marketing RA and/or Marketing Manager can provide recommendations, suggestions, and best practices, if desired. 

Programs should list:


  • Title
  • Playwright
  • Date
  • Location
  • Director
  • Cast
  • Production staff
  • Scene breakdown (if appropriate
  • Plays under royalty should also list the name of the licensing organization; please see Rebecca Tritten for this information 


Optional Program items:


  • Additional Director’s Notes
  • Actor bios
  • Special thanks


¨      Many people chose to opt out of programs in favor of using the physical callboard in the Theatre B inner-lobby or the digital lobby display. See the section on Digital Display for slide size information.


¨      Digital Lobby Display: Galleries, Workshops, and Special Projects can use the digital lobby display for advertising, bio slides, program information and dramaturgical information.   If you are interested in this option, items must be submitted to the Theatre Marketing RA in a PowerPoint or Keynote slide show at least 1 week prior to Opening.

  • Posters and other show advertisements should be submitted in a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation with a slide dimension of 1280x800. These will be displayed on the vertical display along with other Department wide advertisements and announcements. You can set this dimension in PowerPoint by selecting the 16:10 ratio in Page Setup or choosing 10 inches by 6.25 inches in the Page Setup.


  • Bio and Dramaturgical slides should be submitted for use on the horizontal lobby display in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation with a dimension of 1280x800. If your production is playing the same weekend as a Mainstage production, your slides may be used on the vertical display in order to accommodate both productions.


  • All slides will rotate in 10-second intervals if a show chooses to use the digital callboard.


  • It will take 1 full week from the time you submit the slides until they are uploaded on the digital display. 
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