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Copy requests for PLAYWRIGHTS' WORKSHOP SCRIPTS ONLY can be made through the University of Iowa Copy Center.

This service usually takes about two business days, so for a Monday night workshop it would be beneficial to plan to have your copy order in by no later than THURSDAY NIGHT. For quickest turnaround time, Copy Center 2 at MBSB is recommended. In addition to scripts for your cast (and possibly yourself), please make sure to bring hard copies for all faculty members in workshop. You will need to submit a PDF of your script online. These copies can be sent directly to the Theater Building's main office (107 TB).  In your copy order, be sure to include "NAME OF SCRIPT: PLAYWRIGHTS WORKSHOP" in the "Job Title" section. The M # for Playwrights' Workshop is M1073.

Koryn should take your copy center receipt but if not get it to Margo Skornia the night of your workshop!

Below is a link to the Copy Center's order form:


If you run into any problems with the Copy Center, don't hesitate to contact Margo Skornia at mskornia@uiowa.edu