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  • Seeking Submissions for Student Writers for New York Times On Campus Features
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We are looking for 500-word submissions on all kinds of topics that are important to young people — and not just on politics and free speech, although, of course, those topics are important too. In particular, we are doing several features that will showcase multiple stories by college students on dating, studying and stress, and life outside the classroom.

Here are the writing prompts — and DEADLINES!


1. Finals & Midterms (DEADLINE: ONGOING): How do you cope with stress? Which classes or finals are known as particularly brutal at your school? How do you practice self-care during all-nighter season? What's your guiltiest form of procrastination?


2. Extracurriculars (DEADLINE: ONGOING): It's not all books and lectures. What do you do outside of class? Tell us about your social life, passion projects, side hustles and full-time jobs, and the clubs and sports you value the most. This is an opportunity to try out your storytelling skills — really paint a picture for us about your experience.


Be as detailed and personal as possible in your writing. Be open to editing, but know nothing will be published without your final approval. And if these topics don't speak to you, write about something else! We are always open to submissions, even past the aforementioned deadlines.

Email them to

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