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To reserve a timeslot, click the "Edit" button in the upper right corner of this page and enter your information in one of the boxes.  Then click "Save."

Don't forget to update your Performer Bank profile to show that you are participating in the November auditions. 


The Audition Sign Up Sheet is now LOCKED for editing.

Arrive 30 minutes Prior to your Audition

You must register at the audition table in the lobby of the Theatre Building at least 30 minutes prior to your audition slot or you will forfeit your slot.  Click here for more information about the auditions and the productions.

Don't see an open audition slot?

We will accept walk-ins on both Thursday and Friday.  The first 10 actors on the wait list for each day will be guaranteed audition spots.  The wait list will be in the Theatre Building lobby starting one hour before the start of auditions each day.  You must remain in the Theatre Building until your name is called.  Walk-ins are generally given 10-15 minutes notice before auditioning.

GENERAL AUDITIONS -Saturday, November 12th - More Times ADDED!

There is a home football game so please plan accordingly to arrive on-time for your Audition.  The Lobby Doors will be unlocked.

1:00pElyse Fisher 3:01pDIREECTOR BREAK
1:04p Zach Twardowski3:04pDIRECTOR BREAK
1:08pTempestt Farrar 3:07pAlyssa Cokinis
1:12pNatalie Lurowist 3:10pMaya Bassuk
1:16pWilliam Goblirsch 3:13pHunter Menken
1:20pHolly Grum 3:16p

Rob Petrie

1:24pRandryck Lewis 3:20pNate Kouri
1:28pEmelia Asideu 3:23pWill Callan
1:32pMiles Gatrell 3:26pMiriam Randolph
1:36pGreg Walker 3:29p 
1:40pCristina Goyeneche  3:32pMegan Wynn
1:44pEli Jolley 3:35pJessica Wade
1:48pCatie Councell 3:38pChris Walbert
1:52p DIRECTOR BREAK3:41pJacob Wheeler
1:55p DIRECTOR BREAK3:44pGracey Murphy
1:58p DIRECTOR BREAK3:47p 
2:01p DIRECTOR BREAK3:50p 


Leela Bassuk3:53pDIRECTOR BREAK 
2:07pJenna Smithson3:56pDIRECTOR BREAK 
2:10pTaylor Edelle Stuart3:59pDIRECTOR BREAK 
2:13pRobert Siegrist4:02pDIRECTOR BREAK 
2:16pMarc Saladino4:05pFrancis Bass
2:20pKasey Theil4:08pTristan Roeder
2:23pCaitlin Rose Edwards4:12pAlyssa Boland
2:26pYannik Encarnação4:15Madeline Ascherl
2:30pEllis Fontana4:18pJason Grobstich
2:33pHannah Frame4:22pRobert Fu
2:36pAshley Lapointe4:25pShelby Zukin
2:40pLily DeTaeye4:28pHannah Murray
2:43pLeo Gibson4:32pJaMaya Austin
2:46pZachary Rigdon4:35p 
2:50p 4:38pErica Eiben
2:53pDIRECTOR BREAK4:48pConnett Croghan
2:56pDIRECTOR BREAK4:52pDerek Joseph Tran
2:59pDIRECTOR BREAK4:55pMichael Acherkan
5:08pClaire Saskowski
5:12pMcKenna Goodman
5:15pAntoine Robinson
5:22pAdam Koob
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