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  • Summer Partnership in the Arts 2020 - Audition Sign Up Sheet
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We are changing from in-person auditions to online submissions.  

More information will be coming soon about the process for submitting auditions.  

If you are interested in auditioning for Summer Partnership sign up below and I will be in touch! - Thanks, Melissa 

Casting will be announced on TBD.

For more information about the Summer Partnership in the arts: Click Here

Summer Partnership in the Arts 2018, We Might Fall Apart
Directed by Vanessa StallingPhotos by Miranda Meyer

Arrive 15 minutes Prior to your Audition

You must register at the audition table in the lobby of the Theatre Building at least 15 minutes prior to your audition slot or you will forfeit your slot. 



Please Prepare one monologue, 2 minutes or less and video it.  

Participants must be current University of Iowa students, Theatre Major or Minor.  Students graduating in May are eligible.

To Sign up for an Audition Time: 

1. Clicking "Log In" on the top right corner to log into the system
2. Clicking on the "Edit" button in upper right hand corner
3. Type in your name on the table (like a Word Document) by the TIME you wish to audition
4. Click "Update" at the lower right hand corner

On-line Submissions (More Info Coming Soon!)


Hannah Frameshe/her/hers

Greg Joneshe/him/his

Angelique Williamsshe/her/hers
Steven Willishe/him/his

Emilia Bendlershe/her/hers
Andrea WarhurstShe/her/hers

Liat Grafshe/her/hers
Katie Reddenshe/her/hers

Steven VlahakisHe/Him/His
Amy Rodriguezshe/her/hers

Clara Reynenshe/her/hers

Jivani Rodriguezshe/her/hers

Erin Luoshe/her/hers

Leela Bassukshe/her/hers

Octavius Lanierhe/him/his

Crystal Stewartshe/her/hers
Lola KnightShe/Her/Hers

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact the Department of Theatre Arts in advance at 319.335.2700.

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