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The Theatre Arts Department’s long tradition of presenting exciting work each summer begins anew in 2018, with Summer Partnership in the Arts. Building on nearly a century of Iowa Summer Rep and twenty five years of the academic year Partnership program, the department now offers students and audiences something new.  The Summer Partnership program will bring a guest artist to campus to work with students during a four week residency and create a new theatrical piece. This developmental project will be presented as a small-scale production of work in process.  The inaugural project will be a devised work directed by Vanessa Stalling in collaboration with 12 actors and supporting contributions by students from other areas.  The rehearsals will begin on June 16 and the project will conclude on July 16.  Actors will be paid a $1200 stipend and the expectation is that there will be 6 hours of rehearsal 6 days a week.  The exact weekly schedule will be determined after casting. 

Auditions will be held on Saturday, March 3rd between 12PM and 5:00PM.

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Participation is open to graduate and undergraduate acting students, including those graduating in May 2018. 
Actors must have completed Acting I or the equivalent in order to be considered for a position. Preference will be given to students with advanced acting training.

What to Prepare

For the audition, please prepare a monologue that is of your own creation. The central theme of this performed moment should embrace the project description given below and should be 1-2 minutes in length. This monologue could be created from an interview, based on existing testimony, or an expressive physicality.  More details and examples can be found by clicking here to read a Letter from Vanessa Stalling! 

We Might Fall Apart

The creative impulse for this show sprang from the desire to explore difficult conversations, what prevents us from having them, and how fear divides us. We are in a moment of purge - the horrors of our country’s past are coming to the surface and demanding we look at them. The response to this purge has been division; a division some are saying hasn’t been felt since the Civil War.

We Might Fall Apart will be an ensemble-driven, devised piece developed through methods inspired by Frantic Assembly and The Civilians. The central theme driving the creative process will be: Difficult Conversations Divide Us. In particular, I’m curious about researching two main topics of heated conversation: Racism (White Supremacy) & Sexual Harassment (the #MeToo Movement). Alongside these topics, the ensemble will explore empathy – what it is, and how to inspire it.

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