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"What if your two classes competed against each other?"


Amukela Gwebu and I glanced at each other with puzzled expressions. We had been meeting with Dave Gould, head of Interdepartmental Studies at the University of Iowa, to discuss ways to promote our new courses and the growing interdisciplinary major. We had been brainstorming for nearly an hour about potential guest speakers and programs that would benefit both plans of study. Dave, with his background in film, was looking for the right "hook" to catch the students' attention. Luckily, we didn't let Dave's crazy idea drown in our coffee mugs. Instead, we launched UIdea.

David McGraw (mailto:
Lecturer, Arts Management Emphasis

In the fall of 2007, the Interdepartmental Studies Program launched two exciting initiatives: the Recreation Management Track and the Arts Management Emphasis Area. While based in distinctly different disciplines, they both offer wonderful opportunities to enrich lives. This inaugural event planning competition provides students with a "real world" experience, while fostering collaboration and creativity. I am very grateful to our two instructors for their willingness to pursue such an innovative exercise. I am also very proud of the hard work of our students. I hope you enjoy the friendly competition.

David L. Gould (mailto:
Faculty/Coordinator, Interdepartmental Studies Program

The UIdea logo, site plan, and voting mechanism were created and maintained by the UI SITA program. Without their help, we would be passing out paper ballots on a street corner.

The Student Instructional Technology Assistant program exists to support faculty, graduate students, and staff using instructional technology at the University of Iowa. Graduate and undergraduate SITAs are assigned to work as consultants either in Instructional Services or in designated cooperative units across campus. The SITA program draws on available resources from Instructional Services in their work supporting instructors. Through a proposal process, divisions, departments, or individual instructors may apply to receive assistance from the SITA Program.For more information on the SITA program, please contact Steve Silva (mailto:

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