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Join us at Java House Downtown Iowa City!

August 20th, 3-7pm

Anyone can perform - or simply sit back with a coffee, listen, and enjoy!


Open Mic Night at Java House is a free event that anyone can attend! Come unwind during Welcome Week and meet new people who are interested in music! You are more than welcome to perform and share your musical talents, or you can choose to come and enjoy the music.

Discounts available on all coffee beverages!

Get to know local Iowa City music organizations - learn how to become involved!


For more information, see our commercial below:


Our Press Release as Seen in The Daily Iowan:

Open Mic Night is a free event offered during Welcome Week at the University of Iowa. It is aimed towards incoming freshmen and will be hosted at Java House in downtown Iowa City from 3-7 pm. All coffee drinks will be 25% off for attendees of the event. The stage will consist of an open mic setting where anyone can perform. Those who choose to participate will receive a coupon to Heirloom for a free dinner. There will also be pre-selected local bands performing at the event. Be sure to check out the numerous student music organizations that will have information tables at Java. This is a perfect opportunity to become familiar with the Iowa City music scene.

 According to Savannah Lane, one of the students assisting in hosting Open Mic Night at Java House, “this event will bring both incoming and current students interested in music closer to the local scene. Getting involved with music starts at the community level, so it’ll be really beneficial for these students to either showcase their musical talents to their peers or gain exposure to local performers and organizations.”

Open Mic Night has paired with many of the music organizations on campus and encourages students to sign up and get involved. Several acapella clubs will be performing and will have designated stands among the other organizations set up to answer any questions and give students audition information if they are looking into certain organizations. We encourage any student who is interested to come so they can get a taste of the musical experience here at the University.

Successful actor and University of Iowa alumni, Ashton Kutcher, was heard remarking “Java House makes the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had and is always one of the first places I like to visit when I’m back in Iowa. Such a relaxing, artistic atmosphere would be the ideal spot to host an event like Open Mic Night, especially because incoming freshmen will be able to get a good sense of the creative energy that Iowa City possesses.”

Open Mic Night at Java House will be the optimal place for freshmen to become a member of the community by showing off their artistic abilities. There will be many opportunities from student organizations affiliated with the University.  Along with prizes for the participants, and special discounts for attendees, the night will be a great showcase of local talent at a cozy venue. Java House is a staple for Iowa City residents and students, filling a void that was originally noticed by the creator. She craved a local venue that created a relaxed and social vibe, and provided just that. Open Mic Night will be the perfect opportunity for students to connect and unwind in the high stress time of move-in and Welcome Week!