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This is your chance.. to meet new people AND have fun during the University of Iowa's Welcome Week! This will be the campus’ largest dance party. It will be a EDM based rave with loud music, neon paint, flashing lights, and the rest of your college peers. All attendees will be given white shirts and endless tubes of paint! This will take place in Hubbard Park, Iowa City from 9 P.M. to midnight. This event is new to the university and will be the perfect way for people to mix and mingle their first week at school. 


Words From Our Most Favored Hawkeyes

“I am very excited for this project. We have an amazing group of students working on it and I really believe it is something everyone can and will enjoy.” said the University of Iowa’s president, Bruce Harreld.


“I tried it out and had a blast!! It was such an unforgettable experience, although my black and yellow overalls colors were covered!” Said Herky the Hawk.


To prevent the mess of damaging clothes and harming Hubbard Park, all paint used will be washable and biodegradable per ASTMD-4236 Safety Standards.