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  • The 24-Hour Film Festival
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Stanley Kubrick once said, "If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed." We hope that through this 24-Hour Film Festival, new students can make new friends and learn more about the Cinema department. This festival will give new film students the chance to make a film at Iowa in their very first week of classes, and hopefully add a few new students to the major. At the very least, this festival will lend new students new ideas about film as a creative outlet. In just 24-Hours, their thoughts and ideas can be transferred to the screen. 


"We want to provide an environment where students will be given the opportunity to create something they imagined.  The creation process will allow students to collaborate with someone and get an idea of how the film/theater industry works.  This is extra special during Welcome Week because putting yourself out there and making new friends can be overwhelming to students," stated Wade Hampton, director of The 24-Hour Film Festival.


Join the University of Iowa Cinema Department during Welcome Week for twenty-four hours of movie making magic! We are excited to announce our 24-Hour Film Festival here at the University. Beginning today, current student will be able to submit their movie scripts. From these submissions, as many as ten scripts could be chosen. On Saturday morning of Welcome Week, we hope to get new and returning students involved by placing them on teams. Each team will get a script and an older mentor. Together, in only twenty-four hours, they will turn that very script into a movie. Not only do they get to make the film, but they can also show it off to their new friends at the Sunday Night Screening! Prizes will be given out to some of the best, or funniest, or scariest films! If you would like to participate, please join us Friday at Noon in the BCSB auditorium. If you would like to watch some amazing films, join us at the same place at 7 PM on Saturday.