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  • Second City Improv Workshop on February 4th

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Second City is offering a workshop for fifteen students on Saturday, February 4th from 5:00 - 7:00 pm at the Englert Theatre. In order to participate in the workshop, you must be 1) an MFA Acting candidate OR 2) have passed through the undergraduate advanced acting auditions. The workshop will focus on improvisational exercises that deal with a variety of life and workplace skills, including, but not limited to: team-building, listening, give and take, communication and thinking outside the box.

*To fill the remaining spaces, any student who has passed Acting 1 may take the workshop.


Email Address

1. Derrick VanDerMillen

2. Kim Cooper

3. Ben Schlotfelt

4. Mackenzie Calkins

5. Jessie Traufler

6. Ben TeBockhorst

7. Beth Kilmer

8. Mark Smolyar

9.Julie Daniels

10. Emilia Hodges

11. Emily Hinkler

12. Thomas Eslinger

13. Ben Rausch

14.Elizabeth Hinkler

15.  Jacob Schiller

For over 25 years, The Second City has been the leader in teaching students of all ages and from all walks of life the skills of
improvisation, comedy writing and performing. The same techniques and skills that made household names of Bill Murray, Gilda
Radner, Martin Short and Mike Myers are easily and creatively transferable to interested organizations. The classes are dedicated
to helping students develop their artistic voice, both individually and within an ensemble and to provide the tools and techniques
needed to express that voice. Workshops draw on The Second City Theatre's history of satire, ensemble improvisation and revue
comedy and serve as a laboratory for the exploration of the future of the art form. Alumni of The Second City Training Center
include Tina Fey, Mike Myers, Steve Carell, Halle Berry, Stephen Colbert, Tim Meadows, and countless other producers, writers
and performers working throughout the entertainment industry.