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      Throughout the course of human history, superstition and the willingness to accept that certain things originated from dark or unnatural powers has resulted in the alienation of certain groups, if not direct hostility.  The Salem Witch Trials resulted in the death of hundreds of innocent women (assuming that witches are not real). The propagators of mass genocides of the past such as the Holocaust or the Armenian genocide often instilled derisive tendencies in an entire culture. There has been a succession of atrocities throughout history, the majority of which have been incited either by the embrace of ignorance or intolerance. Misguided individuals have espoused these corrupt notions as virtues with the result of oppression or warfare, which inevitably results in a reciprocal dislike from the victimized peoples. Such is the nature of a theocracy that is justified through deception. Regardless of the severity, these complex hatreds exist on one level or another. The ability to recognize that these differences should be respected is manifest in the liberated thinkers of the enlightenment who are able to more objectively achieve the humility necessary to be a scholar. The notions that are explored and emulated by individuals such as Crusoe (fictional though he may be) and Lady Mary are beneficial to humanity. They both actively think in patterns of thought that generally gravitate towards the acceptance of ideas that are conducive to moral and benevolent thought. If they do choose to denounce a group or ideology, we can rest assured that they will do it on the grounds of intolerant discrimination.