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SAS version 9.4_TS1M2 has been installed on the HPC system. More information about SAS can be found on the SAS Website. While SAS is available on the HPC system it is licensed software and thus you will need a license in order to use it. To obtain a license or to verify your license please visit the SAS ITS Software page. From there you will be able to purchase a license or verify an existing license that will allow you to use SAS on Argon. Once you have gone through those steps you will be added to the 'sas' group on Argon and that will allow you access to the software.

The default for SAS on Argon is the command line interface. This is usually appropriate for an HPC system but if you need the GUI it can be gotten to with a couple of extra steps. First, you must login with X11 communication forwarded over the SSH connection. This can be accomplished by the following methods: