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The Genome View tool is available under the Family Traits tab in a 23andMe account. This tool enables the user to compare genetic profiles between two individuals. Using the SNP genotypes determined from each individual's DNA, each chromosomal region is color coded; white when the segment of the chromosome is not identical between the individuals, light blue when a matching segment is present on only one member of the chromosome pair, and dark blue when matching segments are present on both chromosomes. Here, I include examples of the pattern expected for comparisons between individuals with a variety of known relationships. Within a 23andMe account, the profile settings can be used to enable access to sets of example profiles that can be used in the Genome View. The profiles for the Mendel Family are especially useful because they include individuals representing 3 generations: 3 of 4 grandparents (Fred Mendel; Ron Fisher and spouse Margo Fisher), their children (Greg Mendel and spouse Lily (Fisher) Mendel), and three grandchildren (Ian, Alan & Erin Mendel).