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titleWiki Upgrade Date and Time

The Wiki will be undergoing maintenance on June 3rd at 3:00pm to 5:00pm. During this time the wiki may be unavailable. If you require access to content during the upgrade, the Wiki will be available in a read only state here.


Whether you're in the same room, or on a different continent, speed up the draft and review processes by working together in real time.

You don't need to sacrifice the power of the Confluence editor either – all your layouts, macros and favorite features are available. 

Subtle cursors show who is in the editor with you, and what they're doing. 


Publish when you're ready

One of the things that sets Confluence apart from other real-time editors is the separation between viewing a page and editing a page.

Your audience can continue to read your page, without seeing your edits in real time. This is super important if you're working on policies, procedures or documentation pages.

Once you and your team are done editing, you can:

  • publish (or update if the page has previously been published) to make everyone's changes visible
  • close the editor and keep everyone's work to finish later
  • close the editor and discard everyone's changes. 

We make it very clear if you're about to discard changes made by other people! 



Resume unfinished work

Work on a page for just a few minutes or several days. We'll save your changes until you're ready to publish. 

Hit Edit any time to resume your work. Any unpublished changes from you or your team will be ready and waiting for you. If you created the page, and it has never been published, you can head to Profile > Drafts to resume working on it. 



Copy page hierarchies

By popular demand, you can now copy a page and all its child pages in one easy process. This lets you duplicate existing content, kick off new projects with the perfect pro-forma page hierarchy, or take a snapshot of important pages - the possibilities are endless.

But that's not all, you can now also choose a location to copy to. No more copying a page and then manually moving it to another parent page or space. 

Whether you copy into the same space or a different space, we give you the tools you need to modify page titles on the fly and control what's included in your new pages. 



Delete page hierarchies

Need to clean up old content or quickly trash of all those copied hierarchies you can now make? Never fear, when deleting a page you now have the option to delete just the current page, or to delete the page and all its child pages. 

We'll warn you of any incoming links, but won't include links that are coming from pages that will also be deleted in the same batch, making it super easy to tidy up your incoming links before you delete.