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Each attribute has a key on the left hand side of the equal side and a value on the right hand side. All attributes are treated as strings. There are plans in the future to be able to query for job results based on these attributes. These plans include "casting" an attribute to a numeric type to make certain queries possible such as "give me all jobs with at least 128 active clauses" but for the sake of producing attributes, all keys and all values are treated as strings.

If a pre-processor has been run on the benchmark, the processed version of the benchmark will be passed to the post-processor via the $2 argument rather than the unprocessed, original version of the benchmark.

Starexec fully supports the Java .properties format for processor output if you wish to produce more complicated attributes such as keys-values with spaces or multi-line values. You can read more about the .properties format here . Keys and values are limited to 128 characters each.