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Post-processors are a mechanism for retrieving additional information ("attributes") from a job pair's output. The process program will be given run with three command-line arguments: the name of a file containing a job pair's combined stdout/stderr, as well as the path to the benchmark, and the path to the directory for any additional output files.  They are then expected to produce textual output in a StarExec-defined format. When the job completes, StarExec scans the post-processors output and adds attributes for the job pair run to its database. This is useful if you wish to extract and collect additional information about a job pair run that is community-dependent.  Any additional output files which the postprocessor write to the output files directory (third command-line argument) will also be copied back to StarExec and saved with the data from the job pair.

Post-processors are defined by community leaders and are global across all communities in StarExec. For example, if a SAT community leader creates a post-processor, users of SMT and TPTP can see and use the processor when creating new jobs.