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An unbuilt solver may be uploaded and compiled by StarExec. Simply upload the solver source with a script that contains necessary steps to build the solver titled "starexec_build" in the top level directory of the compressed file. StarExec will detect this script and automatically build the solver. Please ensure that any desired configurations are still included in the /bin folder in the top level directory as you would with any precompiled solver. To see the output of the compilation, please refer to the "see build info" button, in the "actions" drop down on the solver details page for the solver in question, which is available once the compilation has finished. Also please note that a helper configuration and benchmark are created when StarExec begins to compile the solver, however they are automatically removed once the job has finished. As with pre-compiled solvers it may be best to compile statically linked executables, and if problems persist with building the solvers it may be worthwhile to look into our provided StarExec virtual machine to investigate any problem with compilation that may be occurring.

Solver Upload Test Job

You can choose to run a "test job" when uploading a solver by selecting the "test job" option and choosing a community. A job will be created with a single job pair containing your uploaded solver and the default benchmark for the selected community.


A configuration is a script that begins with a special prefix starexec_run_ that tells StarExec how to execute your solver. You must place your configurations in a special folder so StarExec knows where to find them. StarExec will look in a /bin folder in the top level directory of the archive you upload.  The /bin folder will also be your working directory at the job's run time.