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Theatre Building: Room Requests

To request a room, please use the following link:

Requests are due Friday NOON for the following week, Monday-Sunday.

Please note that requests received after the deadline are not guaranteed a rehearsal space,
but you are still encourage to submit the form.

 Questions? Katie McClellen, 319.335.0078


Where to view schedules

 Room Schedules are available to view via Astra 7.5 Classroom Viewer (see instructions to the right) and are posted outside of classrooms on Monday mornings. If you submitted a room request form, you will receive a follow-up email with a request for more information or your room assignment.

Schedules for the following week will be available every Friday afternoon by 5:00 p.m.

Questions? See Katie McClellen, 107 TB











How to access the Room Schedules and Venue Usage for the Theatre Building



Astra 7.5 Classroom Viewer (I would recommend bookmarking this link or making it part of your favorites. If you bookmark beyond this point, you will not be synced up with current data):

Click: Calendars

Click: Scheduling Grids


This will load room usage for the entire campus. Most likely Art Building West (ABW) will default on your screen.


On the top right portion of the screen, go to Choose Calendar. Select the drop down menu and choose “THEATRE ARTS”


You are now viewing today’s usage for all the rooms and venues in the Theatre Building.


You can arrow select by day, or select “WEEK,” to view the usage for just one room.


If you want to print any of this data, you must see Katie McClellen in the main office. This is viewable information only (unless you do a screen shot of the info). Also beware that you can only view Astra Classroom Viewer while on-campus.