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This fall, students, faculty and staff will have access to a new electronic drop process.  Beginning the 6th business day of the semester, students will be able to indicate a desire to drop courses electronically through MyUI, while advisors, Athletic Students Services staff, ISSS staff and Dean’s office staff (as needed) will be able to give authorization for drops electronically through MAUI. Once all authorizations have been granted, students will be able to complete the drop process electronically through MyUI.  No instructors’ signatures will be required to drop courses.  Students will still be allowed to process drops via a paper forms if they choose, with the required signatures.  Add requests will continue to require a paper form. 

How the Process Works

Breakdown on the Online Drop Authorization Process from a Faculty/Staff perspective.

  1. On or after the 6th day for full session Fall & Spring courses and on or after the 1st day of Winter & Summer courses the drop link will continue to be active in MyUI. (MyUI Screenshot)
  2. The student can initiate the drop process in MyU by clicking the drop link and then selecting Continue: (My UI Screenshot)
    1. or authorized MAUI users can start the process on behalf of the student in MAUI. (MAUI Screenshot)
  3. Once the student has initiated the drop process in MyUI they will be redirected to a new page that will display any authorizations they will need to obtain before completing the drop. (2nd Year and beyond Tippie College of Business students and Continuing Education students will be redirected to the Academic and Financial Consequences page)
    1. Athletics Required:  (MyUI Permissions Required Screenshot) (MyUI Course Schedule Screenshot)
    2. ISSS Required: (MyUI Permissions Required Screenshot) (MyUI Course Schedule Screenshot)
    3. Dean Required(MyUI Permissions Required Screenshot) (MyUI Course Schedule Screenshot)
  4. It is the student's responsibility to notify the appropriate staff or faculty member that they have initiated the drop process and need authorization to continue the process. (MyUI Screenshot)
  5. Faculty & Staff will not be notified via email that a drop process has been initiated by a student.  There will be a report that departments can run which will display all students that have requested a drop from one of their courses.
    1. Registration Change Requests by Course Department Report
    2. Registration Change Requests by Program
    3. My Advisees Registration Change Requests
  6. The Online Drop Authorization Process is not a Workflow process and so the request will not show up in an user's MAUI inbox.
  7. Authorized MAUI users will authorize the drop via MAUI in a panel similar to the Registration Authorization panel.
    1. Advisor Authorize: (MAUI Screenshot)
    2. Athletics Authorize: (MAUI Screenshot)
    3. ISSS Authorize: (MAUI Screenshot)
    4. Dean's Authorize: (MAUI Screenshot)
  8. Authorizing a student to drop via the MAUI interface does not drop the student from the course, the student must complete the process themselves in MyUI.
    1. Multiple authorizations can be granted in any order, but all must be completed for the student to complete the drop in MyUI.
  9. Once authorized the the user who authorized HawkID will display in MAUI.
    1. Advisor Authorized: (MAUI Screenshot)
    2. Athletics Authorized: (MAUI Screenshot)
    3. ISSS Authorized: (MAUI Screenshot)
    4. Dean Authorized: (MAUI Screenshot)
  10. The student will see which authorizations have been granted and which ones are still necessary in MyUI.
    1. Advisor Granted: (MyUI Screenshot)
    2. Athletics Granted: (MyUI Screenshot)
    3. ISSS Granted: (MyUI Screenshot)
    4. Dean Granted:
  11. After all appropriate authorizations (Advisor, Dean, ISSS, or Athletics if necessary) have been obtained the student will be notified via email and MyUI that all authorizations have been given and they are now free to complete the drop via MyUI. (MyUI Screenshot)
  12. In MyUI there will be a warning prompt of all academic and financial consequences of dropping at that point in the session and a drop button to complete the process. (MyUI Screenshot)
  13.  The student now has the option to click the drop button to complete the process; cancel the request, or if they have changed their mind and want to remain enrolled, they can do nothing and leave the course on their schedule. (MyUI Screenshot)
  14. The student will receive confirmation that the drop has been successfully processed.(MyUI Screenshot)

Additional Information

  • This process does not change the need for meeting with advisors prior to dropping courses (with the exception of students admitted to Tippie College of Business).  Students will continue to need appropriate authorization to drop courses. 
  • Students who indicate in MyUI their intention to drop a course will be reminded after one week if an advisor’s authorization has not yet been given and they will be directed to contact the advisor.
  • The system will be able to identify student-athletes and international students.  These students must get permission from their advisors and those offices for any drops effective the first day of classes.
  • The system will also identify if a student is trying to process a drop after the drop deadline and will indicate that a dean’s signature is necessary.
    • Dean’s authorization expires after 3 days.  If a student doesn’t complete a drop before those 3 days are up, they must return to the appropriate Dean and get authorization again. 
  • Students be given several “warnings” in the system about the possible consequences of dropping below full-time.  This includes issues related to full-time status, financial aid issues, pre-requisite issues, impact on time to graduation that drops may have, etc.
  • Instructors should receive an email once a day with notification of anyone that has dropped their course. These emails  would have started on Day 6 of the session. 

  • As noted above, students may still use paper form to process drops, especially if a course add is being completed simultaneously.  Adds will still require an instructor’s signature, as well as the advisor’s and others as outlined above.
  • Changes of registration, such as a change in semester hours or grading, will require both the advisors and instructors signature on paper forms. 
  • Changing sections will only require the instructor’s signature for the new section and must be completed via a paper form.
  • All deadlines for dropping are still enforced. Students must be sure to get the required permissions during business hours on the deadline days.  The electronic drop system will remain active until 11:59 pm, but students must have obtained all permissions in order to drop the course.
  • Students will have the ability to cancel any drop requests.
  • Drop authorization is revocable.
  • The electronic drop system will be active through the last day of the semester.
  • For off-cycle courses, electronic drop authorization goes into effect the first day of the course section.
  • For winter and summer sessions, the electronic drop authorization is in effect on the 1st day of the session. 
  • A MyAdvisee report is being created which will list the students who need drop authorization
  • Staff with appropriate security roles will have access to see the registration change page dropdown within the student panel and also via the class list in offerings planner.  Instructors will be able to see the pending registration changes via their class list.  (explain this better)

Student Populations impacted:

All students will be able to use this process but some student populations have additional or fewer requirements.  Exceptions are listed below:

International Students

International Students will need ISSS and advisor authorization beginning on the 1st day of any session.


Athletes will need Athletics and advisor authorization beginning on the 1st day of any session.

Continuing Education Students

Continuing Education Students will not require advisor authorization.

Tippie College of Business Students 2nd Year and beyond

All 1st Year Tippie College of Business (TCOB) students will adhere to the same policy of needing advisor authorization on or after the 6th day.  Beginning with their 2nd Year all TCOB students will not require advisor authorization on or after the 6th day but will still be notified of  all academic and financial consequences of dropping at that point in the session.





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