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REDCap will now be requiring two factor authentication to login. This will require you to enter in a code you receive from text or phone call in addition to entering in your hawkid and password like normal.


  • Navigate to REDCap and login with user name and password as normal

  • A window will pop up asking you to use Duo. You can check the box to remember the device for 30 days - it will allow you to skip this process until the 30 days are up on this particular device.


  • The first time you login and see Duo and are an EXTERNAL USER, you will need to setup an account with your information. You will need to pick 'Start Setup'. If you are affliated with the University of Iowa (either student, faculty or staff) it is recommended you setup your Duo through Self Service first (


  •  If you are an external user and are continuing to set it up here, you MUST use a cell phone number at this point. For this you would pick the first option, "Mobile phone" and continue. The two other options will limit the ways Duo can contact you to let you into REDCap. Reminder - if you are not an external user and have a regular hawkid, you should set it up through Self Service and you can use any of the choices.


  • Once you have continued through the setup, either from this screen or over in self service, you will be asked to actually use Duo to authenticate.


If you are an external user and are having issues trying to use Duo to authenticate once you have setup your account, please notify your P.I. or Research Coordinator to submit an I-CART request.



  • If you have previously setup Duo before, another window will popup and give you several options to authenticate. Depending on if you are an external user or not, you will be able to see some combination of  'Send me a Push', 'Call Me', or 'Enter a Passcode'.


  • Enter a Passcode will take you to a second screen where you will enter in a passcode that has been sent to your device. You can either send yourself a new set of passcodes, or use one that was previously sent. Each time you send yourself a new set, Duo sends 10 valid passcodes. You will just continue to use the next one each time. It will tell you which one you are supposed to use. Hit Log In and you will authenticate and go into REDCap.


  • Call Me will allow you to get a phone call from the number you have provided. This will either be through Self Service (in your Duo setup), or for external users it will be the phone number you have provided to us, the same as your password reset. It will call your phone and you will just need to hit any key to authenticate and continue into REDCap.


  • Send me a Push will allow you approve the Duo request through the Duo app on your phone. This is only available for faculty, staff, and students at University of Iowa who have setup the Duo app in their Self Service.




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