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1. Introducing Blueprints

Create rich pages faster with Blueprints – consistently formatted, automatically organized, and easy to find.

Create meeting notes

Make your meetings count. Distribute a clear agenda before, take notes during, and assign tasks afterward.

Share file lists

Store your important files – PDF's, Office docs, and images – in one place with automatic versioning and live previews.

Define product requirements documents

Create requirements with custom properties that match your own processes – version, owner, status, anything.

2. Richer Editor

Focus on creating your richest content yet with a number of improvements to the Confluence editor.

Create advanced templates

Use instructional text to guide users when creating pages from templates.

New HTML 5 file viewer

No more flash! Instantly preview attached Office docs and PDFs with a brand new, faster file viewer.

New Status macro

Communicate the status of your projects, milestones, or any task with a customizable colored lozenge.

3. New Design

You may have missed the Confluence 5 release, so here's a summary of what's new:

Create content from any page

Create content from anywhere in Confluence by clicking 'Create' from the global header. Choosing templates and page location has never been this easy.

New Space Sidebar

Create shortcuts to important pages and external links so they are just a click away. Navigate to child pages and recent blog posts with ease.

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