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From Karge & Ross Casting:

We are currently doing a search for the pilot, TWENTIES, written by Lena Waithe. 

I'm reaching out to request self-tapes for the lead role in the pilot, HATTIE. Breakdown of that role below: 

HATTIE. 20s, African American, she's a naturally beautiful, funny, charming young woman. She's a lesbian who aspires to be a television writer. She dreams of glory, but meanwhile seems incapable of holding down a regular job. Not one to sweat the small stuff -- like being evicted -- Hattie doesn't let much faze her, and when in doubt or trouble, she turns to her best friends, Nia and Marie, for help.  Hattie has a tendency to fall for straight women, and is currently involved with a "straight" lover who is not really available, emotionally or otherwise. Out of cash and desperate for a break, she interviews with Ida B., a successful African American television writer/producer who calls her out on some shady tweets she made some years prior.  But when Ida B. offers Hattie a job as a writer's PA, Hattie may finally have her foot planted firmly on the ladder of Hollywood success.  Either that, or a banana peel...SERIES REGULAR (1) 

STORYLINE: HATTIE,, an aspiring television comedy writer who has just been evicted, finds comfort and counsel with her best female friends, MARIE and NIA. A lesbian who is only attracted to emotionally damaged women, Hattie tries to figure out her motivations and her problems as she tries to make it in Hollywood -- a goal that that seems singularly far-fetched, since she's never really held a job and is flat broke. But when Hattie scores a job as a writer's PA on IDA B.'s successful TV show, she may finally have her foot planted firmly on the ladder of Hollywood success. Either that she'll be another LA transplant with a broken dream and nowhere to live... 

If you have anyone that would fit this role, we would love to have them self-tape. We need tapes by Thursday, September 6th at 6pm CST. Please send tapes in a downloadable file to  

Click here for sides. Hunter can help you with any questions you might have! 

Thank you,

Marisa Ross
Karge & Ross Casting

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