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Image by Vanilla Bear Films - Upsplash


  • Find a quiet space.

  • Record Horizontal not Vertical. (See picture below.)

  • Phone Camera or Web Cam will work great! (DO NOT buy a new camera for auditions, it is not necessary).

  • Record in HD -1080p at 30 frames or SD 720p. (No need to us HD 4K as it will make the file larger and harder to upload.)

  • Frame the shot at Full body or 3/4 quarters if possible. (See picture below.)

  • Natural Lighting is great, just make sure you are visible.   Try to avoid large shadows, including casting large shadows on the wall behind you. 

  • Camera at eye level if possible. 

  • Neutral Background. Declutter the space as much as possible so we are not distracted by your background/surroundings. You could hang an neutral colored ironed sheet for your background, get rid of the wrinkles. (smile)

  • Make sure you slate at the top of your video (Your name, name of the play your piece is from, and playwright). Timing of piece will begin after the SLATE.  You have 1 minute 30 seconds for your monologue.  You can end the piece with a simple "Thank you" 

  • No crazy edits please, keep it simple and have fun! 



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