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  • How does the digital divide affect peoples and their cultures?
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The Digital Divide has a tremendous impact upon the culture and the people of every region. Technology effects every culture in different ways. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for the worse. But, technology changes culture forever.  For example in the United States, a technology rich country, components that create culture like relationships, communications, and art have been dramatically changed by technology. However, it seems like some specific customs and cultural traditions have remained unchanged.

Can you imagine your life without the internet? Try imagining if you had never used a phone before. This is a reality for some of the poorest nations affected by the digital divide. Because they do not have access to technology people in technology poor nations suffer. However, in order to bridge the digital divide, people need access to technology. For example, below is a video of a rural village in Uganda that just had access to a telecommunication center. This telecommunication center will have a huge impact on the peoples culture and education. Technology brings cultural changes to each country it touches. However, let us home that some customs and traditions remain unchanged and preserved. 

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