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How popular are social networking sites?

Social Networking Sites are very popular.  Facebook is the most popular Social Networking Site, with more than 500 million users.  When looking at Facebook statistics, some very shocking facts, pointing to the popularity of the site, are seen.

1.) Facebook increased its membership by 100 million people in one year.  This was a 40% increase in its membership. 

2.) If Facebook were a country, it would be the fourth largest country in the World

3.) 50% of active Facebook users log on to Facebook on any given day

4.) As a whole, Facebook users spend a total of 700 billions minutes logged into Facebook each month   

How are social networking sites used? 

  1. Staying connected to others## Sites like Facebook help people to stay in touch with friends and family, by friending them and giving them access to your profile which shows what you are up to through pictures, wallposts, messages, and statuses.  People use sites like Myspace and blogs to talk about their days, and share their feelings about things such as current events, things going on in their lives, and other notable occurances.  Chat rooms are used for people to talk and meet people my sending simultaneous messages back and forth.  
  2. Making events and groups## Social networking sites can be used to create events where you invite people to come to an event, whether that be a party or a fundraiser.  You can also create groups that people can join.  These groups can be support groups such as a group supporting a certain political candidate, they can be activity groups such as groups that involve people in a certain school, or groups can be about any topic that people want to get a group of people to join.  These groups and events can help to inform people of things going on in the community and how they can get involved. 
  3. Advertising## Most social networking sites have ads on their sites.  Sites like Facebook show ads on a person's profile based on their groups and events, and things they say they are interested in. 

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