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  • What do you think about distance education? Is a teaching method you feel comfortable learning from or teaching with?
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           We believe that Distance Education is a useful tool and resource when time and location cannot be worked out between teacher and student. It allows for quick and thorough communication, and because of the advancements and features to programs, it provides a fresh option to teaching and learning.

            As students having had Distance Education, we feel there are both advantages and disadvantages to the experience. Since an actual class setting was not possible for us, it was incredible to have the chance to take a class and learn from our desks at home. We felt in control of our communication with the teacher and our schedules while completing the work. Giving advice to future Distance Education goers, we say to choose a face-to-face, actual classroom environment course if you can, but if not, Distance Education allows for an effective, advanced, and communicative education.

            In regards to teaching Distance Education, we feel we have yet to learn more about in-classroom methods before advancing or dedicating ourselves to online education. On the other hand, we have learned how to use online tools for communication and teaching, and after some practice, would feel confident in such practices that we could integrate and use with a class. We feel a teacher should have a few years of physical presence and interaction with their students to learn methods of teaching and ways of dealing with students before becoming teachers who dedicate themselves to Distance Education.

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