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Vallecular Cyst

 unusual cause of 'lump in throat sensation' (globus sensation)

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October 2011 she noted a sensation of a fullness in her throat, more on the left than the right, which has become constant over the last 3 months and was first identified by her as consistent with a mass that she could palpate with placing her finger in mouth to touch the tongue base on the left.  A trial of antireflux therapy for the complaint of lump in the throat failed to show any change. The patient relates she has had a long-term history of reflux and actually does have an elevated reflux symptom index, but does not feel that reflux is the cause of the lump in the throat, but the actual lump (cyst) is the cause.

Click on image to enlarge, advance to neck with arrow that appears with hovering over mid right lateral border: