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University of Iowa Theatre Arts Department

Auditions for Spring 2015




Local Phone:

Cell/Family Phone(s):


Audition Date: Time:


Do you Sing: Yes No

If Yes, what is your vocal range?

Do you Dance: Yes No

If Yes, which dance styles?



Hair Color:

Eye Color:



Callback Conflicts:   List times when you are not available this weekend.

Saturday, 11/15, 10 am – 11 pm:



Sunday, 11/16, 10 am – 8 pm:


Rehearsal Conflicts:  List all evening (6:00 pm ) & weekend conflicts Between

Dec 1 – Dec.  13 & Jan 12- April 26:






Actor Preferences: Rank 1 for most interest, 11 for least interest.  Shows can share rankings.

Mark NA for shows that you are unavailable or choose not to do .

No Preference/Any show



Falls for Jodie



Les Monstres Humain


Good Kids



The Janice Ian Experience



Nice People


Luck of the Irish



See of Trees



Workshop –Anne Marie Nest


The Liar



We’re Not Done Here



Grant Wood Artist











Role(s) Auditioning For (or ANY)?

If you are not cast in preferred role, will you accept another part? Yes No

Are you interested in Readings?  Y   N

Are you interested in backstage work?   Y   N


Performance Experience : Please list your most recent experiences (or attach a resume)



Producing Organization




















Training/Musical Interests/Education : Please list Award/Degree, Institution, and Instructor(s)