Project Information

Project Name:

Get ready for BRAINSABC publication

Goal of Project

The ultimate goal is a publication of BRAINS ABC, bias field correction too, through out experimental comparison to the Atropos:

  1. Code revision to support for multiple images of same modality (small differences).
  2. Atropos running scheme
  3. Plan for comparison including data selection, criteria for comparison, and more. 

If the script is ready, HBM conference (Abstract due is usually January) will be the target. 

Current Project Status/Notes

Reading materials and running small tests to familiarize to BRAINSABC code/results.



Child pages

Items pending


  1. Working code of BRAINSABC for multiple images of same modality that is really similar
  2. Method description of BRAINSABC
  3. Experimental section prooving BRAINSABC performace
    1. Compare Affine and Syn (Tentative)
    2. Compare to Atropos (Tentative)
  4. Publication submission to MICCAI 2013


Ultimate Project Goal

Ultimate project goal is to submission to MICCAI 2013 of as a methodology paper.