You can keep a dynamically-updateable task list on a wiki page.

Note that the task list is edited in regular page-viewing mode, not in page-editing mode. Feel free to play with the example list below (add some items, move them higher or lower in the list, mark them complete/incomplete).

The macro syntax that generates your task list includes a spot for a list name. Your list can be named whatever you like, but if you need two or more lists on the same page, make sure they have different names.


The following code inserted in your wiki page:

{tasklist:My ToDo List}

Will produce the following output:

|F|L|F|1234375130969|          |jhelgers|Pay Kevin|
|F|M|F|1239286807326|          |jhelgers|dfsgdf|
|F|M|F|1254255223270|          |jhelgers|what else should I do today|

More info may be available in the notation guide