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1. New Design

A new year brings a new modern look and faster ways to find and edit the content you need to get work done.

Create content from any page

Create content from anywhere in Confluence by clicking 'Create' from the global header. Choosing templates and page location has never been this easy.

Navigate to other applications

Quickly switch to the other applications you need to get work done –  JIRA, HR portals, helpdesk, internal systems – from any page in Confluence with the Application Navigator.

2. Space Sidebar

Your team's most important content is now easier to find and quicker to get to. 

Create custom shortcuts

Space Shortcuts are perfect for surfacing important content to your team. Space Admins can add shortcuts to Confluence pages and external links.

Navigate to child pages

Quickly jump to children of the current page or browse recent posts when viewing blogs.

3. Create and Find

Create content from anywhere

Replacing the 'Add' menu on Confluence pages, the new 'Create' button is accessible from the new header no matter what page you're on.

Choose templates, set page location

The new 'Create' dialog makes choosing page templates and setting page location simple - Confluence will even suggest the spaces you work in the most.

Search recently viewed pages

Type 'g' then 'r' to display your recently viewed pages and blogs. Start typing to filter your results.