Upgrade date: June 12, 2018 | Upgrade version: 6.6 (Enterprise)

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Upcoming features:

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More European languages

You can now use Confluence in Czech, Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian and Swedish.

Easier access to your drafts

Started working on a new page, but weren't quite ready to hit publish? We call these unpublished pages drafts, and up until now, getting back to them has been a bit of a challenge.

Now, you can find any draft that you've created or edited under Recently worked on in the dashboard. No more hunting through the drafts list in your profile, or leaving that browser tab open until you have time to go back and finish it off. 

Close the loop on unfinished work

All too often we start updating an existing page, but don't quite get around to publishing the changes. These changes then lay unfinished and forgotten. Not anymore, a handy unpublished changes lozenge now appears next to the page in your Recently worked on, and when viewing the page, to remind you about your unfinished work. 

Don't worry, only people who have contributed to the unpublished changes will see the lozenge. Your page viewers remain blissfully unaware that changes are in the works. 

Page history

The page history now shows both the avatar and name of the people who edited a version. 

Maximum editors limit

To prevent potential performance issues, the maximum number of people who can edit a page simultaneously is now limited to 12. This means that people can't enter the editor if there are already 12 other people editing the page, and will need to wait until someone leaves.

Attachment indexing improvements

When a file is uploaded in Confluence, its text is extracted and indexed so that people can search for the content of a file, not just the filename. This is a pretty memory hungry process, and has caused out of memory errors for some customers. 

This release has some big improvements to the safeguards that prevent out of memory errors in your site. Here are the basics:  

Easier access to your work in progress

It's now even easier to get to your work in progress, so you can finish it and move on.

Access your recently worked on items from the profile menu (1), as well as from the dashboard (2). This will be particularly useful if your site uses a page as the homepage, instead of the dashboard.