Vaping is a form of e-cigarette that has become very popular in todays world. It is better than smoking cigarettes because it does not contain tobacco which coats the mouth, throat, and lungs in tar.  Vaping however can increase the risk of mouth cancers, according to a new study, which suggests e-cigarettes lead to the buildup of chemicals known to cause harmful DNA mutations. A research study showed, after a 15 minute vaping session, they found three chemicals known to be carcinogens increased measurably in the saliva. Most of the participants showed signs of DNA damage which was caused by the chemical Acrolein that is found in vape. For this research study, they found five volunteers and looked at the cancer-causing chemicals that built up after vaping, as well as looking into the type of DNA damage they caused They found three chemicals build up in the mouth after vaping: formaldehyde, acrolein, and methylglyoxal,  all of which are known to cause DNA mutations, but there is little information on their effect in combination, Dr Balbo, a researcher said. If the cells are unable to repair the damage or if mutations build up over time, then it can cause cancer. Vaping may be better than smoking a cigarette but it still is not a healthy decision.